Technological processes are directly proportional to R&D. In this context, can you tell our readers how the R&D processes of the technological products in your company are progressing? What effect has Covid-19 had on this process?

We develop innovation projects by combining management consultancy services even with technology. Within the scope of the latest KOSGEB R&D PROGRAM, we are developing artificial intelligence and robotic process automation technologies within the scope of the development of the Cloud Based Living Lab Digital Transformation eco system. COVID-19 Processes bring time management and efficiency to the highest manageable level by developing remote management systems and transferring the daily routine processes of our management consultants with smart assistants to RPA systems. We are constantly improving ourselves with the logic of each problem as a project and we continue our work to develop sustainable R&D projects.




With the transition to the Presidency, the restructuring of the ministries and the development of the digital transformation ecosystem in macro dimensions, all units carry out effective management. When the content of the Support to Investment website is also examined, there are more than one hundred and fifty active programs, and projects are supported to bring the incentive systems to an internationally competitive level continuously. All businesses operating in the sectors of technology that are prioritized by companies can benefit from all incentives by preparing projects. Especially with the software industry we are in, the highest level of support is available. A 75% grant support of up to 365,000,00 TL is given to a business that only wants to benefit from the advanced entrepreneur program in the software industry. In R&D projects, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has go to the expense for work with Tubitak and KOSGEB, so to speak. R&D projects are supported up to 750.000,00 TL, and in the commercialization phase of the product, up to 6.000.000,00 TL is provided. We also benefit from these support processes.

more than one project and as of 2020, we made a grant payment of 3,500,000 TL


Institutionalization is the sustainable execution of corporate assets and reputations by creating structures and processes that enable all companies from micro scale to macro scale to run the business without depending on the personal methods of the managers. Since the institutionalization process is demanded by all companies, management consultancy is more important in companies that have reached advanced stages.



Considering energy efficiency together with combustion, waste heat and heat insulation and transfer processes, as the ever-evolving and most common areas of innovation in the energy sector; Energy and energy efficiency fields are the most important source of R&D processes. In energy and energy efficiency processes, Combustion, Cooling, Cogeneration, Thermal Pipe, Thermal Pump, Nano technology, Led Technologies, Plasma, Tribology, Filter, Automation and sensor technologies as well as renewable and alternative energy sources are the highest level of R&D and INNOVATION demand in today's technology are the fields. In addition, they are the priorities of institutions and organizations in terms of energy input costs and competitive advantage.


With the technology trends industry 4.0 and Society 5.0, by 2020, the development trend of the last 100 years gained momentum in 20 years. While the development of internet and information systems was in question in the 2000s, technologies that developed in the 10-year trend after 2020, smart robots, 3D printers, use of glasses in the field of Augmented Reality, Simulation Technologies, Integration Technologies, IOT, Cloud Technologies, Cyber Security, Big Data and Analysis techniques, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are today's trends. Considering the development of technological trends, all processes from the production techniques of the products to the management systems show a continuous development and the need for digital transformation of companies is constantly increasing in order to catch these trends.

Necessary incentives and supports are provided for the application areas where digital transformation strategies have been created in our country. However, at the point of integrating traditional production methods and research and development processes of competitive products with digital transformation, macro-scale decisions and strategies should be internalized by micro-scale companies.


“Considering the January-June application figures published by the TURKPATENT Institute this year; In the first half of the year, a total of 8,344 patent applications, 3 thousand 172 of which were domestic, were made to TURKPATENT, a subordinate of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. As of the said period, a total of 71 thousand 753 trademark applications, 64 thousand 241 of which were domestic, were applied to the institution, while the domestic trademark application rate was recorded as 89.5 percent. Sharing the "industrial property data" for the January-June period and information about the companies and organizations that made the most domestic patent applications, Asan said in the first half of the year, according to TÜRKPATENT data, Arçelik was the first with 98 applications, Vestel was the second with 60 applications, and Turkcell. He said that Turkey was in the third place with 45 applications. As the applications made to TÜRKT PATENT institution show the importance of the subject, the process of applying as an official platform for online Trademark-Design-Patent/Utility Model Applications provided by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office with the EPATS System in the digital transformation process of the institution has also accelerated the processes. It is necessary to establish an effective legal infrastructure in order to prevent unfair competition as well as applications and to ensure national and international competitive advantage. Because you create an idea, brand or design and invest for it, but in the processes of your investments or the effective protection of ideas, the necessary sensitivity and legal sanctions and criminal deterrence are also a subject demanded by institutions and organizations. In addition, all stages from the protection of trade names to the protection of products and services in trademark applications should be audited by a platform.

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